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9 Surprising Sex Positions That Help Men Last Longer

by EjaGuard Delay Spray 16 Apr 2024


Certain sexual positions are more conducive to helping a man prolong his endurance in bed.

Certain sexual positions may provide more stimulation than others, thereby increasing men's arousal levels.

Certain sexual positions can be more stimulating than others, which can intensify men's arousal levels. However, these positions may not be particularly helpful if he's already experiencing signs of premature ejaculation.

Understanding which sexual position works best for you can boost your confidence and help prolong the time before ejaculation.

This article outlines sex positions that can assist in lasting longer in bed by enabling better control over ejaculation.

Why Certain Sexual Positions Aid in Prolonging Your Endurance in Bed

When it comes to ejaculatory stamina, there are three simple factors to keep in mind that can extend your sexual performance.

  • Depth of thrust
  • Complexity of holding a position
  • Ability to relax and breathe in a position

Exploring different sex positions or variations of your favorite ones that incorporate one or two of these criteria can assist in delaying ejaculation and experiencing longer-lasting sexual intercourse.

Take a look at the following nine sex positions to see if they are suitable for your body type and physique, potentially aiding you in lasting longer in bed.

Sex Positions That Can Assist You in Lasting Longer

All descriptions of the following sex positions are from a male perspective.

Position #1:

Modified Cowgirl

The modified cowgirl position effectively combines shallow penetration, low complexity, and overall relaxation of the body, making it conducive to prolonging sexual activity.

1. Begin by lying flat on your back, using a pillow to support your head if desired.
2. Invite your partner to straddle on top of your body, positioning one leg on each side of your hips.
3. As she gradually lowers herself onto your penis, encourage her to lean slightly forward or backward to achieve a shallower penetration, maintaining a slow and controlled pace.
4. Grinding movements can also be helpful in reducing the depth of penetration and enhancing comfort.

Position #2:

Reverse Female Rider

The reverse female rider is an ideal sex position to try after the modified cowgirl, as it requires minimal muscle engagement, aiding in prolonging ejaculation and extending sexual pleasure.

Similar to the modified cowgirl, the reverse female rider starts with your partner straddling your body, but with a twist: she faces away from you. This change in direction can introduce varied stimulation angles, leading to a novel and exciting sexual experience.

Position #3:


1. As the "big spoon," lie behind your partner, both facing the same direction, and snuggle up closely behind her hips.
2. Lift her top leg gently as you guide your penis inside her.
3. Allow her leg to rest comfortably on top of your body.
4. Similar to the forward and reverse cowgirl positions, spooning promotes muscle relaxation, offering optimal control over arousal.

To enhance intimacy, use a free hand to pleasure your partner through manual clitoral stimulation, breast play, or, if mutually desired, explore consensual anal stimulation when the mood is right.

Position #4:


The side-by-side sex position allows you to maintain control by facilitating relaxation of your body, promoting face-to-face intimacy, and aiding in delaying climax.

1. Start by lying down on your bed facing your partner.
2. Relax your body and position her top leg over your hips.
3. Use your hand to guide your penis inside her, drawing close.
4. Gently grind your bodies into each other in a circular motion, enhancing intimacy and pleasure.

Sex therapist Vanessa Marin suggests that this position can be particularly pleasurable for your female partner as it allows your hands to focus more on clitoral stimulation rather than deep penetration.

Position #5:

The Cross

The Cross, also referred to as the 'Plus Sign', is a distinctive sex position that enables deep penetration without requiring vigorous thrusting.

As the name suggests, the Cross position creates an 'X' shape with you and your partner's bodies.

1. Start by lying on your side, with your partner lying on her back perpendicular to you, and both her legs draped over your pelvis.
2. Your partner can then guide your penis inside.
3. Use her legs to pull your bodies closer together, enhancing intimacy and sensation.

This sex position is particularly beneficial for her, as it gives her the opportunity to pleasure herself with a finger or a vibrator while you grind into her.

Position #6:

Seated Lotus

The seated lotus is an intimate variation of the regular position, providing heightened physical touch and close eye contact between partners.

1. Start by sitting upright on the bed with your legs crossed.
2. Have your partner lower herself onto your lap, wrapping her legs around your back as you guide your penis into her.
3. From this position, she can grind her hips into your body, creating a slower build-up to climax without any thrusting.
4. This position stimulates her G-spot while allowing you to relax your body as she rides you.

Position #7:

Standing With Her Leg Lifted

The standing position is effective for diverting your mind from pleasure, aiding in stamina building and prolonging ejaculation.

1.Start by having your partner face you while you enter her in a standing position.
2.While both of you are standing, you'll experience shallow penetration depth as you thrust.

This position enables you to control your pace and gives you the flexibility to slow down or stop when necessary.

Position #8:

Missionary Grind

Sex expert Ian Kerner suggests the Missionary Grind sex position as an alternative to the classic missionary position, as it involves less rapid thrusting and emphasizes more controlled grinding.


1. Start with your partner lying on her back on the bed.
2. Use a pillow to prop her hips up slightly as you kneel in front of her body, opening her legs wide to get closer.
3. Employing your hips, grind your pelvis into her body in a slow, circular motion, relishing the stimulating pleasure of non-penetrative missionary sex.

Position #9:

Lowered Doggy Style

If the doggy-style sex position is your favorite but tends to make you orgasm quickly, the lowered doggy style is perfect for you!


1. Begin in a regular doggy-style position with your partner bent over in a tabletop position.
2. Enter her from behind and gently lower her down so that you're lying flat on top of her body.

Even though you'll experience deep penetration in this position, you can control your urge by focusing more on grinding rather than thrusting, all while still stimulating her G-spot.

Effective Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

It's important to note that while certain sex positions can assist in delaying ejaculation during intercourse, they do not contribute to building overall stamina.

Your doctor may recommend various effective treatment options based on the causes of premature ejaculation, which can include biological and psychological factors.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Kegel exercises are indeed beneficial for men in strengthening their pelvic floor muscles and improving erectile function.

According to the Therapeutic Advances in Urology journal, Kegels have been shown to rehabilitate pelvic muscle performance, thereby improving symptoms of lifelong premature ejaculation.

Pause and Squeeze Technique

The pause and squeeze technique is effective in building stamina and controlling the urge towards premature ejaculation. When you feel your arousal peaking, withdraw and squeeze the tip of your penis with two fingers until the orgasmic sensation subsides. This helps to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual activity.

Topical Anesthetic

Over-the-counter delay spray products are available to help reduce sensitivity and prolong sexual intercourse, offering extended pleasure.

Using regulatory-approved delay sprays for men, such as EjaGuard, is recommended by urologists to increase stamina and treat premature ejaculation effectively.

Key Takeaways:
- Making small changes can significantly increase your stamina and enhance your sex life for both you and your partner.
- The best sex positions for controlling the urge to ejaculate are those that minimize thrust depth, are less complex, and allow for relaxation and deep breathing.
- While these 9 positions can improve your ejaculatory control, they won't cure premature ejaculation entirely, but they can provide better climax management.
- Recommended treatment options for addressing sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation, include kegel exercises, the pause and squeeze technique, and topical anesthetics, as suggested by top urologists.


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