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Understanding Semen Retention: What You Need to Understand

by EjaGuard Delay Spray 17 Apr 2024

While Semen Retention boasts apparent benefits, its practical application in real life can pose challenges for numerous men.

Semen retention isn't merely a product of recent internet trends; the concept of abstaining from ejaculation has roots dating back thousands of years.

While the fundamental practice of semen retention involves men avoiding ejaculation at all costs, whether by refraining from masturbation or sexual activity entirely, there are alternative approaches to practicing seminal retention.

This article offers a more comprehensive perspective on semen retention.

What Does Semen Retention Entail?

Semen retention involves consciously avoiding ejaculation during sexual activity.

Through practice, semen retention enables the intentional redirection of seminal fluid to be absorbed back into the body, resulting in a plethora of benefits.

Seminal retention can also result in dry orgasms, which can feel equally, if not more, stimulating than a regular orgasm.

Origins of Semen Retention

The practice of semen retention traces its origins back 8,000 years to ancient China.

While the origins of semen retention pre-date Taoist Masters in 5000 BCE, they were the first to initiate the sacred teachings of sexual practices that endure into the 21st century.

Taoist Masters held the belief that the key to inner peace and enhanced well-being lies within the sexual organs.

They posited that the loss of semen contributed to chaos and exhaustion, whereas preserving semen would foster vitality and potentially even immortality.

Methods for Practicing Semen Retention

The practice of semen retention is straightforward and centers around avoiding frequent ejaculation.

Prior to embarking on the practice of semen retention, it may be advantageous to enhance muscle control through kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic muscles and aid in controlling ejaculation.

While engaging in vaginal, anal, or oral sex, relax your facial muscles, neck, buttocks, legs, and pelvic muscles to minimize energy build-up.

As you feel an orgasm approaching, practice deep breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing the body and slowing your movements.

Apply pressure to the perineum (the area between the anus and testicles) to induce retrograde ejaculation, redirecting seminal fluid to the bladder rather than expelling it through the penis.

Benefits of Semen Retention

While ejaculating multiple times per week is considered healthy and beneficial from a biological and physiological standpoint, practicing semen retention offers a myriad of additional potential benefits.

What Are the Reasons for Practicing Semen Retention?

Retaining semen offers a range of effects that men of all ages can benefit from, including boosting testosterone levels, enhancing fertility, and experiencing more intense orgasms.

A primary motivation for men to retain sperm is to sustain and prolong erections even after orgasm.

Semen retention yields benefits across multiple dimensions of well-being:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Spiritual


Sex therapist Dr. Laurie Mintz elucidates that semen exerts a positive influence on the brain, as the chemicals it contains produce a mood-enhancing, feel-good effect on our minds.

This results in various mental health benefits:

  • Less depression & anxiety
  • More self-confidence
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • More drive
  • More motivated
  • Being more present


Refraining from ejaculation and recirculating semen back into the body can aid in enhancing semen volume and sperm quality, while also potentially boosting testosterone levels.

Due to the rise in testosterone levels resulting from semen retention, most healthy men are likely to encounter the following physical benefits:

  • improved semen quality
  • higher energy levels
  • thicker hair
  • muscle growth
  • higher bone density
  • deeper voice


For individuals grappling with erectile dysfunction or experiencing symptoms of premature ejaculation, semen retention can offer valuable assistance.

Retaining semen confers sexual benefits to men by:

  • heightening sexual arousal and sexual stimulation
  • eliciting a more intense orgasm
  • contributing to longer sexual experiences
  • allowing for multiple orgasms


Some spiritual benefits of semen retention include:

  • an improved sense of purpose in life
  • increased vitality
  • increased overall happiness
  • strengthened sense of harmony and internal peace
Semen Retention and Fertility:
Sex is an enjoyable, pleasurable, and sensational activity that two or more consenting individuals can engage in together.
Under favorable circumstances, heterosexual partners can also utilize sex as a means to conceive a child.
Given that men contribute half of the genetic information required to conceive a baby, the strength, potency, and health of their sperm play a crucial role in achieving successful conception.
Scientific evidence suggests that seminal retention contributes to improved sperm motility, a favorable trait for men's fertility.
Additionally, it aids in optimizing semen characteristics by elevating testosterone levels, thereby promoting healthy sperm production.

Online Movements Promoting Semen Retention

The burgeoning interest in semen retention practices has sparked the emergence of internet movements such as NoFap and No Nut November, facilitating discussions and raising awareness on the topic.


"Fapping" is a colloquial term for masturbating. NoFap originated as an anti-masturbation movement aimed at encouraging men to lead happier, healthier lives devoid of self-gratification, particularly while consuming pornography.

While NoFap initially aimed to alleviate symptoms of physical and psychological ailments, it diverges from semen retention in that its objective is to abstain from ejaculation rather than simply refraining from masturbation.

No Nut November

The term 'No Nut November' was first coined on Urban Dictionary in 2011. Similar to NoFap, the No Nut November movement encourages individuals to abstain from masturbation.

However, unlike NoFap, No Nut November encompasses all other forms of sexual activity that could lead to orgasm throughout November, including masturbation, oral sex, and vaginal and anal penetration.

While scientific evidence supporting the benefits of No Nut November is limited, this movement has provided an opportunity to raise funds in support of prostate cancer.

30-Day Semen Retention Journey: What to Expect

What occurs when you retain semen for 30 consecutive days? While individual experiences may vary, the commitment to 30 days of seminal retention generally results in some degree of enhanced personal wellness for all men.

Here are some anticipated experiences during 30 days of abstaining from ejaculation

Week 1

In the initial week of ejaculatory abstinence, the body typically experiences heightened energy levels and increased motivation.

The energy and resources that would have been used to produce sperm can now be utilized more efficiently by the body.

Engaging in regular daily exercise, such as weightlifting, biking, or practicing yoga, is recommended to effectively release built-up energy in a productive manner.

Week 2

By the second week, individuals typically experience greater mental clarity and focus. As the body reabsorbs semen along with the essential compounds found in seminal fluid, such as amino acids, potassium, and zinc, brain functioning and memory may improve.

Week 3

By week 3, the heightened energy and mental clarity attained from semen retention facilitate a greater sense of presence. Increased levels of zinc in the body, as a result of semen reabsorption, lead to improved hormonal balance in the brain, resulting in enhanced attentiveness.

Week 4

Upon reaching week 4, improvements in mental health, energy, clarity, focus, and motivation culminate in enhanced confidence. Throughout this period of ejaculatory abstinence, sperm quality typically improves, contributing to excellent fertility and sexual health.

The benefits of semen retention tend to plateau beyond the 30-day mark, as the majority of mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual changes occur within this initial period.

Many men concur that a 30-day semen retention period serves as an exceptional all-around reset for the body and mind.

Possible Drawbacks of Semen Retention

While seminal retention isn't generally regarded as high-risk, it's crucial to acknowledge potential complications that could arise.

Epididymal Hypertension ("blue balls")

Often known colloquially as "blue balls," epididymal hypertension occurs when a man experiences arousal but does not reach ejaculation or orgasm.

Men often describe feeling pain or discomfort in their genitals as blood accumulates in the testicles during sexual arousal. Typically, this discomfort subsides with the release of orgasm, either through partnered sexual activity or masturbation.

Ejaculation Problems

In the absence of a regular ejaculation routine, some men may encounter difficulties reaching climax during sexual encounters.

This situation can contribute to either erectile dysfunction, where a person struggles to ejaculate, or premature ejaculation, where ejaculation occurs sooner than anticipated.

There are no benefits of ejaculation

Conversely, there are numerous benefits associated with regular ejaculation.

Research indicates that men aged 40-49 who ejaculate at least 21 times per month have the lowest risk of prostate cancer.

Additional benefits of regular ejaculation include enhanced heart health, improved relationship satisfaction, decreased stress levels, and more.


Is semen retention healthy?

Semen retention has numerous benefits (mental, physical, sexual and spiritual) that have proven its value in avoiding ejaculation.

What are the benefits of semen retention?

Benefits include increased energy, focus, sexual appetite, orgasmic strength and more.

Does semen retention increase testosterone?

Semen retention may increase testosterone levels and helps preserve energy within the body.

What are the side effects of Semen retention?

Seminal retention leads to heightened pleasure, improved fertility, redirected sexual energy, improved mental and physical health, and greater self-control.

Can sperm build-up cause pain?

Healthy men who abstain from ejaculation are unlikely to experience any harmful side effects. Since the body can break down unused sperm, it does not build up to cause pain.

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