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Sex Tips for Women: 15 Useful Suggestions for Enhancing Your Bedroom Performance

by EjaGuard Delay Spray 18 Apr 2024
Discover the essential tips to satisfy your partner and elevate your bedroom experience.


You may already incorporate some of these sex tips into your sensual repertoire, both physically and mentally. However, we're confident you'll discover some new techniques, both big and small, in this article.

While the focus is on sex tips for women to pleasure a man, many of these suggestions can apply to various gender combinations.

Keep reading to spice things up with your partner behind closed doors using the following 15 sex tips.

15 Best Sex Tips for Women

When it comes to your sex life, your pleasure holds equal importance to your partner's. Sex is a mutual experience, and it should be as satisfying for you as it is for them.

Let's dive in!

Sex Tip #1

Create anticipation and excitement through engaging in foreplay.

Incorporating foreplay is among the top sex tips every woman should utilize, whether inside or outside the bedroom. It's a method to tantalize your partner's senses, heighten sexual tension, and boost libido.

Maximize the sensory experience during foreplay. Experiment with techniques like using warm oils or ice cubes to stimulate their nerve endings, enhancing physical arousal beyond traditional hand massages.

Sex Tip #2

Explore fresh methods to tease and entice your partner.

Teasing offers a versatile tool for building sexual tension, anywhere and almost anytime. Use it to set the mood for intimacy by gradually increasing anticipation.

Employ teasing tactics like engaging in dirty talk or sending suggestive messages or photos to your partner during the day, igniting arousal from a distance.

During intimate moments, tantalize your partner by slowly undressing in their presence, withholding physical contact until you decide otherwise.

Alternatively, tease by controlling the pace of penetrative sex, such as gently pulling away just as your partner desires entry or maintaining a subtle distance before allowing full connection.

Sex Tip #3

Embrace confidence and assertiveness when you're in the bedroom.

Switching roles and initiating sex yourself can inject excitement and spontaneity into the relationship, especially if your partner typically takes the lead.

If you find it challenging to feel sexually confident, relationship therapist Dr. Ian Kerner recommends easing into the mood by creating a sensory-rich environment. This might involve dimming the lights, using a blindfold on your partner, selecting a sexy outfit to boost your confidence, or playing stimulating music to enhance the atmosphere.

Remind yourself that your partner sees you as a beautiful, confident, and sensual woman, which can intensify their desire.

Sex Tip #5

Experiment with fresh oral sex techniques to enhance pleasure.

When performing oral sex on your partner, it's beneficial to begin slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

Start by gently kissing the tip of the penis with moist lips before taking it into your mouth. Use slow circular movements with your tongue to tease them.

Then, run your tongue along the underside of the penis from the base to the tip. When the anticipation is high, and the moment feels right, take their penis into your mouth and start giving oral pleasure.

Pay attention to their responses—listening to their moans or feeling their movements—to find a rhythm that maximizes their pleasure for an unforgettable oral experience.

Sex Tip #6

Get a Little Kinky

Exploring kink with your partner opens doors to uncovering sexual fantasies, understanding each other's arousal triggers, and discovering new avenues of pleasure in a consensual manner.

Try allowing your partner to pull your hair during doggy style, surprising them with a spontaneous blowjob when they return home from work, or creating a passionate 'home movie' together.

If you're not quite ready to dive into intense BDSM or elaborate fantasies, consider exploring milder kink options such as gentle biting, blindfolding, using restraints, incorporating sex toys, or experimenting with temperature play.

Remember, communication is key, so be sure to discuss and agree on a safe word before engaging in any activities.

Sex Tip #7

Explore the Edging Technique

The edging technique is a popular method for prolonging intimacy and giving you complete control over your partner's orgasm intensity.

During intercourse or oral sex, bring your partner close to climax as usual. Instead of allowing them to orgasm, slow down or stop stimulation just before they reach the peak, allowing their arousal levels to decrease.

Repeat this process several times, intensifying the pleasure and building towards a more powerful orgasm when they finally reach climax.

Edging can assist your partner in lasting longer in bed and may also be beneficial for those dealing with premature ejaculation.

Sex Tip #8

Experiment With New Positions

If you and your partner have been sticking to the same sexual position every night, it's a great opportunity to introduce some variety into your lovemaking. Trying out new positions can alter the depth, penetration speed, and angle of stimulation, adding excitement to your intimate moments.

Moreover, experimenting with new positions can place you in a position of power during sex, which alone can heighten your partner's arousal.

Here are three variations to some popular sex positions that are sure to delight your partner:

Reverse Cowgirl:
Instead of facing your partner, turn around and straddle them for a fresh angle of penetration. You'll have control over the speed and depth while your partner enjoys the view from behind.

The Missionary Bridge:
In this variation of missionary, elevate your hips towards the sky while lying on your back. Your partner kneels in front, providing perfect positioning for G-spot stimulation.

Face to Face:
Sit facing your partner on the edge of a bed or chair to enhance intimacy and passion. This position allows for more eye contact, kissing, and sensual exploration.

Sex Tip #9

Explore the pleasure of watching porn together as a couple.

Watching porn together can be a healthy aspect of any sexual relationship. It's not only a way to spark conversations about sexual fantasies and explore new positions but also an effective way to initiate sex without needing many words.

As you watch, begin by lightly touching your partner's arm, chest, and stomach, gradually working your way down to build anticipation.

Let the scenes on screen inspire you to move together, occasionally glancing back for new techniques.

Whether you choose to mimic the porn scene by scene or simply have it playing in the background, do what feels comfortable for both of you.

You might even pick up a few new sex tips, such as how to talk dirty, incorporate real-life scenarios, or try out new positions that can enhance pleasure or lead to faster orgasms!

Sex Tip #10

Discover and explore all of your partner's erogenous zones for maximum pleasure.

This level of confidence and control has the power to awaken your partner's senses, elevate their orgasm, and foster a more adventurous sexual encounter for both of you.

According to sexuality expert Dr. Laura Berman, exploring your partner's erogenous zones with your hands can be particularly effective. Here are some techniques you can try:

- Kiss or suck gently on his earlobe, or softly breathe into his ear.
- Lightly kiss or lick his neck, a sensitive area for many.
- Cup or lightly squeeze his scrotum, paying attention to his response.
- Firmly grip and stroke his shaft up and down, varying pressure and speed.
- Use a finger to apply gentle pressure to his perineum, the area between the testicles and anus, to stimulate his prostate indirectly.

Sex Tip #11

Spend More Time Making Out

As per a study in The American Journal of Medicine, kissing has been scientifically proven to increase dopamine levels in the brain, heightening arousal, satisfaction, and pleasure.

Start your passionate makeout session gradually by delicately tracing their lips with your tongue. Experiment by gently nibbling on the edge of their lower lip with your teeth or using your lips to suck their tongue tenderly.

Sex Tip #12

Show Him All Your Angles

Next time you're getting intimate with your partner, consider adding a touch of anticipation and sensuality to the experience.

Instead of rushing to remove each other's clothing, savor the moment and indulge in the experience. Take it slow by gradually unbuttoning your blouse, reveling in each button released before sliding the fabric off your body. If you're comfortable, add a playful twist by treating him to a tantalizing strip tease.

Another enticing idea is to move your lovemaking session in front of a mirror. This not only allows your partner to admire every curve of your body but also adds an extra layer of intimacy and excitement as he witnesses your arousal building in real-time.

Sex Tip #13

Take It Outside of the Bedroom

Keep your partner intrigued by exploring new locations for intimacy, like the washing machine, kitchen counter, or even in the car.

According to sex expert Jacqueline Misla, venturing beyond your usual settings can open up exciting opportunities for roleplay and creative exploration.

Sex Tip #14

Test Out the Male "P-Spot"

In addition to the conventional method of male orgasms through penis stimulation, there's another potent source of pleasure nestled inside the anus.

To access this orgasmic region, known as the prostate gland or P-spot, apply plenty of lubricant to your finger and gently insert it into your partner's anus. For added excitement, consider combining this with a soft and sensual blowjob to elevate your partner's pleasure to new heights.

For a more gradual approach, you can also stimulate their P-spot by applying pressure to their perineum, the area between the anus and testicles.

Sex Tip #15

If the Feeling Strikes, Get Vocal

Dr. Laurie Mintz, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, emphasizes the importance of communication in sexual relationships. Expressing satisfaction with our partners and feeling pleased by them can significantly boost our sexual confidence.

Interestingly, most men appreciate positive reinforcement, and what better way to convey your pleasure than with a deep, longing groan of satisfaction?

If you tend to be reserved during sex, you can gradually ease into this by breathing heavier as your arousal intensifies. Alternatively, you could allow yourself to fully express your pleasure during masturbation and let go of inhibitions.

Key Takeaways:
1. Continuously seek out new and enjoyable ways to enrich your sexual encounters as a woman.
2. Confidence in experimenting with different positions, exploring kinks, and engaging in sexual activities outside the bedroom can lead to significant improvements in your sex life.
3. Watching porn with your partner can be a bold step forward, but you can also start gradually with hot and passionate makeout sessions.
4. Recognize that there's no universal approach to sex. Be open to new experiences, prioritize your comfort and pleasure, and communicate with your partner to explore their fantasies and desires.



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